There are many reasons for you choose Devpipe!

:: Devpipe is the unique that makes drawings with 100-percent accurate. Its mathematical accuracy allows an excellent fit-up between the pipes

:: Devpipe comes in versions for use with Autocad, Intellicad ou ZWCad, using Lisp function or any CAD software that can import DXF file.

:: You can use the flat pattern produced by Devpipe on the CNC machiners.

:: The use license is permanent. There isn´t any cost for the upgrade.

:: Quick results can be obtained by users with very little CAD experience.

:: Is the unique software that makes templates for cylider piece, cylinder x conical, conical piece and pipe x rectangle with only data entries.

:: Devpipe
is the unique software that makes templates for the following connections

::: Scroll casing for Francis turbine
::: Bend double deflections
::: Lateral Pipe x Rectangle
::: Tubular trusses – Diameter different - Axes coplanars with multi-branchs Kind I
::: Tubular trusses – Diameter Equal - Axes no coplanars with multi-branchs Kind II
::: Pipe x Rectangle
::: Bend double multi - deflections
::: Helical

Devpipe is very useful for stell constructions.

:: Thera are several companies around the word using DEVPIPE. See the customers on Customers

:: Devpipe offer a school license to learning institutions. 

:: Full size patterns may be printed across multiple sheets.

:: Is the unique software that the user doesn´t need give the division number in order to make the flat pattern. Devpipe use analytical method for making the flat pattern.

:: The best cost-effective solutions for your company.

:: There is no need to construct a 3D model.

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