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28/08/2000 | INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY | WEB SERVICE | Templates by E-mail for Complex Joints

A professor of mechanical engineering in Brazil began marketing a service over the Internet in mid-August to create custom templates for fabricating pipe joints from sheet stock for $27.95 apiece. DevPipe, which works with joints that have no offset in the axis, analyzes the intersections between cylindrical or conical surfaces and produces full-scale DWF files that can be printed out through Autocad.

Mark Wallen, a draftsman at Conlay Corp., Tulsa, Okla., a maker of fiberglass fittings and valves, says he had early success with the software in a trial about a year ago. "We had a big eccentric reducer mold core we needed to make. We were going to roll it out of sheet metal and we needed a template to cut it and join it together. I didn't really have a way to generate that," he says.

From the Web at www.devpipe.com.br, clients provide measurements of the outside diameters of the header and branch, thickness of the walls and angle of the intersection. Additional information or sketches also may be attached.


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